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Dryer Repair

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Dryer Repair


    Dryers for your laundry have firmly taken their place among other major household appliances but any equipment can fail. Repair of drying machines should not be done on your own, in order to avoid even the greater problems. Maintenance and service of such equipment should be entrusted to professionals possessing necessary equipment and knowledge.

    The ShelburneAR fixer company and its experienced specialists quickly and effectively perform accurate diagnostics and emergency repair of the tumble dryer in Shelburne, Ontario at your home location, arriving in any area of the city as soon as possible.

    You should not put the call to our reliable repair servis on a waiting list, because within a few hours a certified and experienced technician can start making a high-quality and professional repair of your broken equipment. We will choose the best way to solve the problems, and the repairs will take no more than a few hours. Our trained repairmen are able to fix any issues with your dryer, regardless of their complexity and nature.

    We always do our job professionally, efficiently and at an affordable price. Also, you will get expert advice on the proper use of your important house appliance.

    Our reviews


    Now I know for sure that Shelburnear repair shop will solve all your problems with the repair of household appliances quickly and professionally. Their repairman was invited to repair our dryer which became inoperable several days ago. Calling them I expected that the technician would be able to arrive in a few days. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised to see him in my doorway on the evening of the same day, exactly as I was ensured by phone. All fixing was done promptly and clean. Also, he instructed me on the proper operation of household appliances and special tools using.


    Having a new dryer is a good thing for sure but it is also important to maintain it in the right way, which I and my family have experienced recently. The first thing I noticed was a weird noise coming from the device while running. So, I thought something was definitely wrong. I was trying to find good service with professionals working there and was very lucky to find out about Shelburnear. I contacted them and they responded immediately, which surprised me. Later that day they sent a technician and he repaired the device very fast and explained all the necessary details we needed to know as we had gotten the new unit. I am so grateful to discover this professional service.


    My wife already wanted to buy a new dryer because our old one had ceased to turn on. But I decided to call the repair shop first. On the phone, the manager of this company carefully listened to my situation and promised to send a service man as fast as possible. He arrived the same evening, explained to us in detail why the device did not turn on, fixed everything and gave recommendations on how to avoid similar breakdowns in the future. He took quite a bit of money, compared to the price of a new dryer. We are satisfied.


    Before I found out about the existence of Shelburnear service, I had had some struggles using my dryer. I am not an expert to professionally describe what the problem was, but, the thing is, it all can be easily repaired if you find a good expert. Shelburnear sent me a man who, luckily for me, had all the necessary components that would perfectly fit for my dryer. The problem was that the dryer required too long time to dry all the clothes but Shelburnear technician resolved the problem successfully.


    If you have ever used a dryer for your clothes, you know what it is like when it suddenly stops producing the heat. There can be a couple of issues that cause such a problem and you never know what exactly has happened to your device unless you find someone who has an eye for that particular job. Shelburnear experts are exactly such ones. Calling their manager I got an excellent technician with all the necessary skills and equipment. All work was done perfectly, in a short period of time. Appreciate your professional attitude, knowledge, and competence.


    One day my dryer became a dangerous device because after turning it on all the electricity in the house was cut-off by circuit breakers. Unfortunately, I was going to leave and didn’t have enough time to figure out the reason. And to leave my wife for a long time without such necessary device wasn’t a good idea. So, I had to find same day expert repair service and that wasn’t an easy task until I found Shelburnear contact information on the net. Having no time to fill up the online form I just called them and was very pleased being ensured that the repairman would definitely come to fix my dryer later today. At the end of the day, I got very smart repair guy having all necessary stuff with him. He didn’t require much time to understand what exactly happened with my unit as well as fix it. Great service.