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Fridge Repair

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Fridge Repair


    If your refrigerator is broken, keep calm and contact our repair experts right away. You will find that professional freezer repair at your home can be affordable and inexpensive. Our technicians undergo qualification training and are certified, as well as use only original parts and replaceable components. ShelburneAR is your reliable emergency technical assistance for any breakdown of refrigeration equipment.

    We service and repair both old fridges and modern models of various brands equally promptly and at a high professional level. Despite the use of advanced technologies and equipment, the causes of breakdowns are often identical regardless of make and even the number of cooling rooms does not matter here. Entrust the task of eliminating cooling unit problems of all types to our repairmen having all necessary experience, knowledge, and tools to handle it promptly.

    For many years our company‘s strategy is to work on our reputation. All the specialists of our company are required to provide the most complete information about the repair, the cost of services and spare parts installation, warranty and risks. Even before the repairman starts our clients can be certain to get the most cost-effective servis for the best price.

    Our reviews

    Jacob and Ella

    The thing is, I and my wife have two fridges in the house due to the difficult weather conditions in our state. One is in the garage, for keeping a big amount of food and freeze big pieces of the same. And one morning I went downstairs to discover the floor full of water. I thought I would need to buy a new one considering the fridge completely unrepairable. But my wife recommended me to call a professional to take a better look. The same day Shelburnear sent a guy from repair service who found out what the problem was very fast and was able to fix. He really stands by his work and provides good professional service, as well as necessary advice.

    Thank You! Alex

    The Shelburnear technician performed the diagnostics and repair of the freezer. The repair guy was nice, with a good sense of humor and responsible attitude towards the challenge. At first, he wanted to replace the broken part but was able to fix the existing one which considerably reduced the price. He did the job very well, and my wife really enjoyed it, we are satisfied. You really care about your customers and the quality of work.


    The refrigerator I have been using for a few years began having some problems with compressor, as I managed to find out afterward. It simply kept turning off randomly, which was not very good for the food we kept in. Therefore, I made a decision to find a professional technician and a good friend of mine recommended me to call the Sherburnear service as they provided a good and fast service. The professional arrived within just a few hours, detected the problem and eliminated it. Also, he kindly explained what the things we need to do to prevent it from further problems are.


    I want to leave a couple of good words about the work of this company. Service is good, responded to the call instantly. Contact manager asked questions regarding my repair need to get whatever information the tech needs to be prepared, as I was told. The repair worker arrived later the same day within a predetermined timeframe when I was at home. The man was equipped with all the necessary supplies and toolkit. The repair was made accurately and with high quality. He installed a new thermostat on the refrigerator, issued a warranty for parts and job. I repaired a refrigerator if I would get problem with any other home appliance, I will contact this service for sure. Recommend to use.


    The service man came on the same day and at a convenient for me time. After eliminating the breakage (the cooling room did not cool), the repairman still didn’t like the sound of the fridge, which he frankly admitted. Another person in his place did not even mention this, I still do not understand this. Spared no his time and efforts he continued to repair it for a few more hours. Now my refrigerator works fine and I’m happy that such dedicated, professional and careful people still exist in this world. My sincere appreciation to Shelburnear.


    Our LG refrigerator started to freeze ice on the walls and we decided to defrost and clean it. My husband didn’t want to wait until the ice melts completely and started to cleave it with a knife. Accidentally he punctured the cool room shell. He called this repair service asking for diagnosing and fixing the issue because we didn’t dare to turn the device on in such condition. Their tech arrived the same day, fixed the hole and solved the problem with excessive ice freezing. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. We paid very affordable price for everything and got warranty for the job. Now, I can recommend Shelburnear as decent and professional service.