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For many years of expert repair work, we have gained a high reputation among customers due to the proven quality and the short time of implementation the work orders. You can place a repair order in two simple was, either filling in the online form on the website or making a call to us. Our expert repair company operates every day without weekends and holidays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Our experienced and equipped technician team is ready to immediately leave on urgent fixing needs in any area of ​​the city of Shelburne, Ontario. We provide the fair warranty on all spare parts and services provided by our repairmen. With a high level of service, our prices are quite affordable and accessible to everyone. A flexible discount system is also a benefit for our clients.

Our credentials

Shelburnear is a kind of rescue service in any emergency situations with your household appliances. Do you need to repair a failed air conditioner, washing machine, stove or refrigerator? Our professionals will arrive at the appointed time and eliminate defects of your device of any nature at your home location. Our specialists are ready to respond at any time convenient for you.

Do you need help choosing kitchen equipment, installing home appliances, connecting complex technical devices or carry out regular maintenance of the units?

Our experts are ready to

  • answer your questions;
  • advise on all possible issues;
  • inform about new products in the market;
  • perform all the necessary technical work quickly and efficiently.

We are available seven days a week so required technical assistance will arrive exactly at a time when it is really necessary. Our customers trust us, recommend us, contact us, and we are always happy to serve them in a timely and effective manner. We are not afraid to take responsibility for the work of our technicians as we are confident in their competence, so all services are warranted.


MAAR24 Appliance Repair

When a dryer, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, or any other home appliance stops working correctly, it can disturb your full schedule. Not only does a broken home appliance make it hard to perform common tasks such as washing clothes, cooking meals, drying clothes, or chilling drinks, but it also can cause huge damage to your house.

This includes flooding, water damage, and fries that can all wreak havoc on your house, posing a safety risk to your beloved family. In small extreme cases, you can end up with a fridge full of spoiled food or beverages or a freezer full of thawed meat.

Either way, ensuring your home appliances are operating at optimal features is vital in maintaining an orderly home and consistent routine. At Maar24 we aim to keep 100 percent satisfaction. We aim to keep our clients happy by offering a friendly pro service. We serve the entire Ontario and surrounding areas.

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