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Stove Repair

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Stove Repair


    As a rule, the main cause of most stove malfunctions is a banal accident: something is shed, dropped, hit, and so on. Such a nuisance can happen to anyone in every home. Our repair company has an understanding that usually in these situations professional assistance is needed as soon as possible because the broken stove is an unforeseen event which can create a great inconvenience for the housewife and her entire family.

    Therefore, our qualified technician who will diagnose problems and fix the appliance will arrive as soon as possible after your call. Emergency repair of electric stoves in our company is done only by proven and certified repairmen, so we are confident in the quality and reliability of their work.

    The causes of stoves malfunction determine the most frequently performed types of repairs.

    • Mechanical repair, which includes the replacement of such individual parts like fittings, burners and so on.
    • Electromechanical: repair of the backlight, wiring, igniting the piezoelectric elements.
    • Electronics repair: timer, control unit and so on.

    In all cases our stove fixer service uses only original parts supplied by manufacturers, so we can guarantee their long stable operation after installation.

    Our reviews


    These are experienced and professional guys. They understood exactly what work they were going to take and what type of tools and spare parts are necessary to bring by my general description of the issue with the stove only. The tech came the same day and was an easy-going man with a good sense of humor. He quickly found the cause of stove malfunction and fixed it by replacing some parts. Also, he answered all my questions and gave a few tips for future use. I’m pretty pleased with the service.


    My sister recommended contacting this repair company when something happened with my stove and one morning I couldn’t turn it on. That was a weird situation when having all necessary foodstuff I wasn’t able to cook the breakfast for the family. I was really angry with all things happened and nervously talked to the service manager on phone but the man was polite and attentive. He said that would send me a repairman and assured that my same day fixing request will be fulfilled as fast as possible. I was so relieved when he called my door in the late afternoon. That was a true expert because he surprisingly quickly found out why my stove was dead. He said that nothing serious just fixed burnt electric circuit contacts. That was like a miracle when my kitchen appliance got back to life I finally was able to cook for my family. Thank you guys, you are the best!


    While online seeking a company able to provide a decent repair service for my stove I found many positive feedbacks on the Shelburnear website. So, I decided to give it a try and can confirm that I got excellent client attitude and cost-effective solution of my repair case. Fast and effective same day service really impressed me, as well as a good discount for first-time customers! Now I know the people to call in case of repair need again.


    My aged father is living alone. Once he called me and asked to help him with finding a decent repair company because his stove was broken. Just the other day I used this fixing service when minor issues have appeared with my washer and generally was pleased with them. I called Shelburnear and explained my father’s situation. They promised to care of everything as fast as they could. Later the same day my father called me being very happy and excited. He said that a few hours after my repair request to Shelburnear a very nice, polite and respectful repairman appeared at the entrance. Fixing didn’t take long because the man actually knew what to do and fairly soon my happy father was able to use this necessary kitchen appliance again. Thank you guys for your understanding and excellent done job.


    Fair price, attention to details, careful attention to my needs, fast and meticulous same day repair. All these things I got requesting stove repair from this repairing company. Only good words about these service men. Totally satisfied with everything.


    Facing the minor stove malfunction I haven’t even thought about calling to repair pros hoping that things would work out naturally. Actually, the regulation knobs worked half the time. However, the things were getting worse quickly and soon I realized that my stove could be completely out of order pretty soon. Due to my busy working schedule, I was in need to find the company able to perform stove repair service exactly the same day. Finding Shelburnear website I paid attention to two things: the same day repair offering, which was just what I needed, and many positive feedbacks. Trusting them to fix my device I haven’t regretted a single moment of it. Everything was done exactly the way I was ensured while calling to their manager: same day repair, warranty, and reasonable cost. Good service.