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Washer Repair

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Washer Repair


    Almost every home has such an indispensable tool as a washing machine. This valuable residential invention protects our hands, time, and gives purity to laundry. But sometimes the washer may become inoperable by a number of reasons and there is a need to call for the washer fixer company.

    Three rules for long washing machine service life

    • When buying a washing machine, stop your choice on well-known, reputable manufacturers.
    • Read the operating instructions carefully and stick to them.
    • Washer installation should be done by a certified technician.

    Sometimes simple malfunctions, such as a dirty filter or door latch can be a reason of problems with the device operation. You should not repair the appliance by yourself. The best way out is to call a professional washing machine repair service. Our experienced washer repairmen in Shelburne, Ontario, and the area will accurately identify the cause of the breakdown, perform emergency repairs and maintenance work.

    Our service specialists are mobile, arriving and performing reliable and quick repair of washing machines at your location. Our satisfied customers have long appreciated the quality and efficiency of our services and affordable costs.

    Our reviews


    Thank you very much for the repaired Whirlpool washer. Several times after turning the device on electrical fuses from fuse box cut out the electricity in the whole house. I’ve contacted this repair shop using the online form and made the same day appointment hoping to eliminate the problem as fast as possible. The repairman came fully equipped and was able to identify the reason of the issue very quickly. The heating element was broken and required replacing. Aced job, no words. I can highly recommend Shelburnear as the company of true professionals able to provide the best repair service.


    Very happy! My washing machine started to make strange tapping sound and I decided to call the tech just to be safe. I left the application on the website at night and their manager contacted me by phone the next morning. He asked me a few questions to find out more about the problem and told me to wait for the repairman later this afternoon. When the guy arrived he quickly disassembled the washer, identified the issue and fixed it. Thank You!


    The repairman was called by my mom. She is an aged person, can forget words, hesitates with answers, and people often get annoyed talking to her. And here she called Shelburnear repair. Their call man was very nice, listened to her attentively, asked questions without a single ounce of irritation, politely and patiently. Mom explained everything to him in detail without feeling nervous. She liked that all the details of the breakdown she told have been taken seriously and carefully. I don’t know what your technician name is (or rather, mother didn’t specify), but I want to give him my sincere gratitude for his hard and important work! Everything is good with the repair too. The washing machine was repaired and my mother also got a good discount.


    Never try to fix a washing machine by yourself. According to my personal experience, it is a complicated mechanism with lots of elements and parts, so if something does not work perfectly well, it is better to call an expert to have a look and address the issue. When I started having problems with my washer, my neighbor recommended me the Snelburnear fixing service. I contacted them and described my problem (the machine kept repeating the same cycle within a session) and they sent me a technician. I was glad to discover such professional service with guys who really know what they do.


    First-time contacting Shelburnear for technical assistance for my washer I wasn’t completely sure how quickly the service man could reach me and how expensive the job would be. To my amazement, I got same day repair, as it was stated on their webpage, along with lowered price because being the new customer I was eligible for a nice discount. I highly appreciate their fast and professional repair and caring attitude to the customers. Will recommend you to all my relatives and friends.


    Completely satisfied with the high quality service, willingness to help and sensitivity to the customer needs. My old-aged washing machine required a complicated repair because all its electronics died and I even started to think about buying the new one. Despite the challenges, Shelburnear technicians were really good pulling the device back up to life. In the end, my repair need was fulfilled the same day which was very valuable in my case, the washer works even better than before repairing saving me a bunch of money and the price I’ve paid was fair enough.